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Game Will Be On Hiatus Until 30th January

OK, we've heard from the majority of the participants, so I'll move on.

Firstly to clarify, there will not be a game this coming Monday.

Secondly the next Game will be scheduled for the evening of Monday 30th January, and it will be at my place.

As far as dates go, I went a couple of weeks later than suggested by xenogram because the 23rd is Wellington Anniversary (over which there will be KapCon, so placing it after KapCon seemed a good idea, as I definitely won't be focusing on Game over that weekend or likely the weekend before it. .

I will make an effort to post a summary of the current state of the game (as far as relatively public knowledge is concerned) prior to that date to remind people what is going on, and potentially give some idea of what we'll be doing that evening beforehand, as long as I can get confirmation of who will be attending.

However, that doesn't mean we have to completely forget about it until then. I'm happy to discuss character ideas and plotting, and suggestions from people to make the game more cohesive, or story-lines that others want to run at any time. Thanks to those who have already made suggestions.

People are welcome to post colour pieces, based on their characters, and individual discussions that people wish to hold with other characters may occur by email or LJ or in person between now and the next game, if people wish to do so, and as long as they keep me informed. However, be warned that if such posts or meetings advance story lines too far beyond what other characters are doing or don't give other characters a chance to respond to significant events, I may have to put them on hold.

In in-game terms, there will be some elapsed time between the last game session and the next one, but not as much as there will be real time.

I plan on posting some discussion places prior to that date, to delineate how I see the game working and to get a better idea of how the players see it working or not working or how they would prefer things to be run. Thanks for those who have already given their opinions and suggestions.

For those that were pushing me to respond, I was waiting for as many people as possible to have their say, without wanting to influence their response any more than my post already had. micheal_gabriel responded yesterday morning, and this morning, after I got a bug fix out of the way for GM, is the first chance I have really had to respond since then.

There are a couple of things I will respond to on the last thread, as it makes sense to discuss them there, so don't think I've ignored what was written there, but I felt a new post setting out what I plan to do would be clearer than doing so in a response to the last one.
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