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Next Game

Right, I'm going to try and get organized, after being deservedly chastised by people for not getting organized and not being prepared enough.

So next Monday (7th November) we will be playing Game.

We need to organize the venue for next week. As always my place is available, but we've been out Silverstream for a few sessions. Actually I've been considering trying for an outdoor venue at several locations around town that seem appropriate , now that the weather is getting nicer, but lets discuss that.

I'd like people to give me an idea as to whether they will attend, and if they are attending, it would be appreciated if you give me an idea of the plot threads you are currently following (if any) and whether there is anything proactive your character would like to do. Especially if you want to talk to specific NPC's, let me know so that we can arrange appropriate scenes.

Jarratt, Matt, if either of you have storylines you want to schedule time and players for, let me know
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